Good Question: What’s Recyclable?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ever heard of wish-cycling? It’s a phenomenon recyclers refer to when people put materials in their recycling bins that’s supposed to go in the trash.

“They have a real desire to put more and more in the bin because they want to feel good. They want to go to the curb and feel like my recycling bin is full, my garbage bin is half-full and they take great pride in that,” said Bill Keegan, President of Dem-Con Companies, recycling and disposal company based in Shakopee.

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Global Shift Puts Squeeze on Twin Cities Recycling

Plunging oil prices and a slowdown of the Chinese economy are causing ripple effects in the Minnesota recycling market, wiping out monthly profits that cities use to drive down costs for the service.

The falling price for recyclable materials, coupled with changes in what people are recycling, is putting a financial strain on processors and creating uncertainty about the future taxpayer costs for recycling programs. It also underscores how the blue bins that ­pepper alleys and curbs across the Twin Cities are deeply entangled in the whims of the global economy.

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NWRA honors recycling innovation, education and partnerships

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA), Washington, awarded its first recycling awards Sept. 10, 2015, at the inaugural Waste360 Recycling Summit, an event hosted by Penton and NWRA in Chicago. Four awards and three honorable mentions were given to companies that have made “substantial contributions to American recycling” through partnerships, public education and innovations in recycling equipment and in recycling facilities, NWRA says. Winners were selected by a panel of diverse judges that included waste and recycling industry professionals as well as other specialists in technology and education. Twenty-one applications were received for the four awards.

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